Seedling CSA Shares

Our Farm offers you the opportunity to pre-purchase our amazing vegetable and herb starts for your summer gardens.  We believe strongly in the CSA model of farming and are now offering this option to our community for their plant starts.  In return for pre-purchasing one of our plant shares, you receive heavy discounts off of retail pricing and gain free access to our surplus plants near the end of the planting season (mid-June).  Our plants are grown in a sustainable setting in our greenhouses at Windy Ridge Farm.  We use organic soils and fertilizers and do not apply pesticides of any kind.  We are certified organic with Baystate Organic Certifiers.  Our focus is on open-pollinated and heirloom varieties.  We do offer several tried and true hybrid varieties as well.  Choosing cultivars that perform well in this growing climate is a priority.greenhouse at Windy Ridge

How does it work?

You sign up to receive one of our three different share size options (see below) by April 15th.  We do all of the growing and tending for you and you receive your plants in two segments, one for early season cool weather crops (around May 1st) and one for warm season crops ( around May 25th)  Pickups occur at the two area Farmer’s Markets we attend; Downtown Pittsfield, Berkshire Mall, at the farm, or we can deliver directly to your garden. (small delivery fees may apply)  You are allowed to select your own varieties within each plant category.  Substitutions can be made if you are not fond of certain vegetables.

Share Sizes

Container Garden Share – This size is a good option for those with limited space or time.  it is a wonderful way to get into gardening if you are new to growing your own veggies.

This share includes the following:  6 mixed lettuce, 2 patio slicing tomatoes, 2 cherry tomato, 6 chard, 6 kale, 1 hot pepper, 6 bell pepper, 6 eggplant, 2 parsley, 2 basil, 1 chives, 1 Rosemary, 3 additional cutting herbs of your choice.  See our full plant offerings list for options  Retail value of $65. Cost of share $45 savings of 30%.Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

For our container share, we do offer an option in which your plants are delivered already transplanted in full size decorative pots with just the right amount of organic soil and organic fertilizer for the entire growing season.  Save time and your back, all you have to do is water them and watch them grow!  The cost for this plant share fully transplanted is $145.
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Small Garden Share- This share size is great for those with a small outdoor garden plot with limited space.  Plants included are:  6 mixed lettuce, 6 kale, 6 chard, 6 broccoli, 6 bell pepper, 6 Cauliflower, 6Cabbage, 6 hot pepper, 6 onions/leeks, 6 eggplant, 4 cherry tomato, 4 slicing tomato, 4 basil, 4 parsley, 2 chives, 2 rosemary, 4 additional cutting herbs of your choice from our list of plant offerings.  Retail value of $128. Cost of share $85 savings of 30%.
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DSC_3155Large Garden Share-  This share is designed to feed your family from your garden through the summer.  This is a wonderful way to provide yourself with food security during the growing season.  This share size includes the following:  12 lettuce, 12 kale, 12 chard, 12 broccoli, 12 onions or leeks, 12 cabbage, 6 cauliflower, 6 hot peppers, 12 bell peppers, 6 eggplant, 12 paste tomatoes, 6 slicing tomatoes, 6 cherry tomatoes, 12 basil, 4 parsley, 3 rosemary, 9 additional cutting herbs of your choice, 4 winter squash, 4 summer squash, 8 cucumber, 2 pumpkins.  Retail value of $264 cost of share $200.  Savings of 33%
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tomatoesOr, open our sign up form to purchase your share by mail!

We are always happy to consult with you and provide garden installation assistance.  Hourly fees apply, please speak with us directly for more information.

Wholesale Plant Program

We offer wholesale rates to farms and retail locations who need vegetable and herb starts.  Order deadline each season is March or April 1st depending on types of plants required.  Minimum order is 48 or 72 units of each variety of plant.  Please speak with us directly at to discuss your options and to request a price list.


11 thoughts on “Seedling CSA Shares

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    • Heather, We are happy to offer substitutions if there are certain veggies you do not like. Spacing varies by each plant listed here. In general greens should be spaced around a foot, and larger plants such as the cucumbers and winter squash should be closer to 2 feet.

  2. Hello Julia – I am signing up for a container garden share for $135.00 – we spoke this AM – sending in payment + form 4/2/2014. Thank you – this is exciting – Pat from Stockbridge

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