Plant Offerings

We focus our plant propagation efforts on edible and medicinal annuals and perennials.  We use only organic fertilizers and do not spray any pesticides on our seedlings.  Our farm and greenhouses are certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers.  To obtain a wholesale price sheet please email us directly at .


Plant Variety Unit Size
Bush Beans Provider 6 pack
Broccoli Green Magic F1 6 pack
Broccoli Solstice OP 6 pack
Fennel Perfection OP 6 pack
Brussel Sprout Long Island HL 6 pack
Red Cabbage Red Express HL 6 pack
Green Savoy Cabbage Famosa F1 6 pack
Red Savoy Cabbage Deadon F1 6 pack
Green Cabbage Storage # 4 F1 6 pack
Green Cabbage Tendersweet F1 6 pack
Cauliflower Snowball F1 6 pack
Swiss Chard Bright Lights 6 pack
Collards Flash F1 6 pack
Lacinato Kale Toscano HL 6 pack
Curly Kale Green Afro 6 pack
Curly Kale Winterbor 6 pack
Purple Kale Scarlet 6 pack
Red Russian Kale Red Russian 6 pack
Siberian Kale Siberian 6 pack
Red Mustard Red Giant 6 pack
Celery Tango 6 pack
Celeriac Mars 6 pack
Beet Merlin 6 pack
Beet Chioggia 6 pack
Beet Touchstone Gold 6 pack
Leek King Richard 6 pack
Arugula Astro 6 pack
Red Amaranth/Calaloo 6 pack
Spinach Renegade 6 pack
Iceberg Lettuce Crispino 6 pack
Salad Mix Encore 6 pack
Romaine Lettuce Coastal Star 6 pack
Green leaf Lettuce Concept 6 pack
Red Oakleaf Lettuce Oscarde 6 pack
Red Leaf Lettuce New Red Fire 6 pack
Red Onion Cabernet 6 pack
Yellow Onion Patterson 6 pack
White Onion Ailsa Craig OP 6 pack
Japanese Eggplant Pingtung Long 6 pack
Italian Eggplant Diamond OP 6 pack
Italian Eggplant Black Beauty OP 6 pack
Hot Pepper Fish HL 6 pack
Hot pepper Early Jalepeno OP 6 pack
Hot pepper Habenero 6 pack
Hot pepper Red Flame Cayenne 6 pack
Hot pepper Hungarian Hot Wax 6 pack
Hot Pepper Poblano 6 pack
Sweet Pepper Banana 6 pack
Sweet Bell Pepper Purple Beauty 6 pack
Sweet pepper Cubanelle 6 pack
Sweet Fryer pepper Friariello Di Napoli HL 6 pack
Sweet bell pepper Yankee OP 6 pack
Sweet Bell Pepper Golden Cali Wonder 6 pack
Tomatillo De Milpa 2″x3″ pot
Husk Cherry Goldie 2″x3″ pot
Cherry Tomato Sungold F1 6 pack
Cherry Tomato Supersweet 100 F1 6 pack
Grape Tomato Juliet F1 6 pack
Cherry Tomato Black Cherry 6 pack
Tomato Garden Peach HL 6 pack
Tomato Taxi 6 pack
Tomato Moskvich HL 6 pack
Tomato Valencia HL 6 pack
Tomato Green Zebra HL 6 pack
Tomato German JohnsonHL 6 pack
Tomato Brandywine HL 6 pack
Tomato New Girl 6 pack
Tomato Black Krim HL 6 pack
Tomato Cherokee PurpleHL 6 pack
Tomato Yellow Pear 6 pack
Roma Tomato Royal Chico HL 6 pack
Roma Tomato Amish Paste HL 6 pack
Plum Tomato Bellstar 6 pack
Tomato Pruden’s Purple HL 6 pack
Cherry Tomato Supersweet 100 4″ pot
Cherry Tomato Sungold 4″ pot
Cherry Tomato Black Cherry 4″ pot
Tomato Taxi 4″ pot
Grape Tomato Juliet 4″ pot
Tomato Moskvich hl 4″ pot
Tomato Valencia hl 4″ pot
Tomato Green Zebra hl 4″ pot
Tomato German Johnson hl 4″ pot
Tomato Brandywine hl 4″ pot
Tomato New Girl 4″ pot
Tomato Black Krim hl 4″ pot
Tomato Cherokee Purple hl 4″ pot
Roma Tomato Amish Paste hl 4″ pot
Tomato Bellstar Plum 4″ pot
Tomato Pruden’s Purple HL 4″ pot
Patio Tomato Bush Beefsteak 5″ pot
Patio Tomato Bush Early Girl 5″ pot
Cherry Patio Tomato Baby Boomer 5″ pot
Winter Squash Sweet Dumpling 2″x3″ pot
Winter squash Waltham Butternut 2″x3″ pot
Winter Squash Spaghetti 2″x3″ pot
Winter squash Delicata 2″x3″ pot
Winter Squash Acorn REBA 2″x3″ pot
Watermelon Sweet Crimson 2″x3″ pot
Cantelope Sweet Granite 2″x3″ pot
Pumpkin New England Pie 2″x3″ pot
Pumpkin Howden 2″x3″ pot
Summer Squash Flying Saucer 2″x3″ pot
Summer Squash Yellow Crookneck 2″x3″ pot
Zucchini Squash Dark Green 2″x3″ pot
Summer Squash Zephyr 2″x3″ pot
Slicing Cucumber Marketmore 76 2″x3″ pot
Pickling Cucumber Northern Pickling 2″x3″ pot
Basil Genovese 4″ pot
Purple Basil Amethyst 4″ pot
Basil Cinnamon 4″ pot
Basil Lemon 4″ pot
Basil Thai 4″ pot
Basil Sacred 4″ pot
Dill Bouquet 4″ pot
Cilantro Calypso 4″ pot
Curly Parsley Krausa 4″ pot
Flat Leaf Parsley Giant of Italy 4″ pot
Cumin 4″ pot
Thyme Summer 4″ pot
Chives 4″ pot
Garlic Chives 4″ pot
Marjoram Zaatar 4″ pot
Oregano Greek 4″ pot
Sage 4″ pot
White Sage 4″ pot
Lemongrass 4″ pot
Lemon Balm 4″ pot
Catnip 4″ pot
Borage 4″ pot
Epazote 4″ pot
Summer Savory 4″ pot
Winter Savory 4″ pot
Milk Thistle 4″ pot
Wild Bergamot 4″ pot
Feverfew 4″ pot
Valerian 4″ pot
Chamomile 4″ pot
Anise Hyssop 4″ pot
Yarrow 4″ pot
Horehound 4″ pot
Stevia 4″ pot
Shiso Red or Green 4″ pot
Lemon Verbena 4″ pot
Rosemary Gorizia 4″ pot
French Tarragon 4″ pot
Lavendar* Hidcote (hardy) 4″ pot
Spear Mint 4″ pot
Chocolate Mint 4″ pot
Edible Flowers
Marigold Crackerjack 6 pack
Calundula Resina 6 pack
Violas Johnny Jump Up 6 pack
Nasturtium Kaleidoscope Mix 6 pack
Portulaca Double Moss 6 pack
Strawberries* Seascape


4″ pot
Strawberries* Jewel

(June Bearing)

4″ pot
Strawberries* Albion 4″ pot
10″ Strawberry hangers* Seascape 10″bskt
15″ planters with three cutting herbs
herbs in 10″pots 10″ pot
10” hanging basket with three cutting herbs 10”bskt
Blueberry* Patriot, Northland or Bluegold 2.5 Gallon
Elderberry Bushes Samdal and Samyl 2.5 gallon
15” Planters with Salad Mix Encore

DSC_3178 DSC_3236

* Denotes plants grown from untreated non-organic rootstock.  They are managed organically once arriving in our greenhouses but they are not currently                                                                              certified organic.

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