Seedling CSA Shares, Pre-orders and Bright Summer Memories

We know.  It’s cold and snowy and spring feels oh so far away.  However, in a few short weeks we will begin seeding in the greenhouse and soon enough we will all be in the throws of the spring planting rush.  If you are anything like us, you spend some of these dark and cold winter days daydreaming and perusing seed catalogs planning your crops for the summer.


For the 2018 growing season we will again be offering our seedling CSA shares. We also will give a 20% pre-order discount to those of you that know specifically what you want to plant this season.  You send us your order, we give you a total minus your 20% off for pre-ordering and you send payment via check or Paypal.  We are also now accepting credit cards. You can always check our plant offerings page to get some inspiration for your pre-orders.

If your growing style is more like ours, then mayyyybe you’re not sure exactly what you will need for plants this spring.  No problem, we offer gift certificates  at 20% off as well.  You commit to getting your plants from us before the growing season starts and save money by doing so.  In return, we receive much needed cash flow during the beginning of the year when many of our seed, soil and container expenses are incurred.

This past December, we were able to rebuild the end walls of one of our original hoop houses and put a new skin over it just before the snow fell.  Right now the space is filled with (frozen) winter carrots. In March we will seed our early spring greens followed by tomatoes and sweet potatoes for summer.  We also built several new raised beds from reclaimed lumber this past fall and installed small hoops on them.  It will be nice to have a few new options around the farm for season extension.


While there seems to never be time to post on the website during the rush of the growing season, we did manage to take some nice photos this past year.  Here are some of those luscious and magical colors of summer in case you need a little reminder in all of this snowy grayness.


We hope you are as excited as we are to be embarking on another season of growing food.  Please visit our Seedling CSA  page to sign up for a share or our gift certificates  page to purchase online and save on your seedling costs for the spring.  If any questions come up for you please do not hesitate to email us at:  As always, our little organic family farm appreciates so much your early season support.  Let’s get growing!