Thank You 2012 CSA Members!

Hello Everyone!  Alex and I want to thank you so much for supporting our farm in 2012 and sharing the harvest with us.  We are very pleased with the way our season turned out and were happy to provide you with the fruits of our labor.  This season brought unprecedented variety to our CSA boxes, so we especially hope that your bellies are happy.   Please let us know if you have any feedback.  We are always trying to fine tune our CSA practices so we want to hear about what works for you.

Worthington Pickup members  we missed seeing you all very much every week and sharing  the excitement of the newest recipe discovery.  However,  Our time with our growing boys is precious and they change so quickly.  We really enjoyed having a day off (?!) On Sundays where we did not have to do farm activities and could be present with our family.   Thank you! 

We hope everyone enjoyed the website postings about CSA boxes and farm life.  When we started there were visions of lush photographs of each week’s shares and complicated recipes with pictures.  But, due to the hectic nature of farming combined with little ones there was often a bit of rushing with the posts.  (See pickups 19 and 20.  Oh wait, those don’t exist.)  Hopefully it was helpful to have the contents of your shares listed, sometimes all of those root vegetables are hard to identify!

We have updated our sign up information for the 2013 season and you will also be getting a letter and brochure in the mail shortly.  Your early season support allows us to purchase seed and soil amendments. This helps make the farm financially sustainable for us.   We would love to have you back for another season of growing, cooking and eating in the spring.  Stay cozy this winter!

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