CSA Shares Week 18

FROST WEEK!  We were very busy yesterday scurrying around the farm getting everything together for the first hard freeze of the season.  we found the following items out in the field for you this week.

Collard Greens

Siberian Kale- If you haven’t tried last week’s kale fritter recipe with this variety try it this time.


Daikon Radish

Carrots-  These just seem to get sweeter as the weather gets colder.

Swiss Chard

Sugar Pumpkins



Japanese Eggplants- This is the end of a delicious crop this year.

Enjoy everything this week!


CSA week 17

After a soggy week we were thankful to have a sunny day to harvest!  It’s hard to believe that we only have three more weeks to go for summer CSA.  We hope you are all continuing to enjoy everything.  This week’s shares have the following contents:

Turnips- Purple topped

Black Radish

Broccoli- The fall planting is always so sweet, enjoy this stuff.

Carnival Winter Squash-  This variety is similar in flavor to the Acorn Squash and it also makes a pretty fall decoration.

Red Potatoes

Salad Mix- Don’t be scared if you find blades of grass in your salad mix!  🙂  We do a large scale wash, but always recommend that CSA members invest in a salad spinner to wash with as well.


Sugar Pumpkin- For eating, carving or throwing.  (As demonstrated by two small children at the farm.)

Siberian Kale-  We have been loving the kale fritters!   The Siberian variety works very well in this simple recipe.  Chop and steam 10oz. or so of kale.  I like to either chop it quite fine, or put it into the food processor for a few pulses.  Mix the kale with 4 beaten eggs, 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs (or equivalent if you don’t do gluten), Cumin, salt and pepper.   You can also include finely chopped onions if you like.  Mix everything together and place small balls of mix in a large frying pan in the preheated oil of your choice.  We use a combination of butter and Sunflower Oil for pan frying.   Once they have settled into the oil flatten them with a spatula and flip over when first side is evenly browned.  These are amazing with a nice dipping sauce of tomatoes, sour cream and a touch of chili powder.

Swiss Chard-  You could also use this in the above recipe.

Have fun cooking for the week everyone!  There is something very sweet about the cold crisp days and a warm stove top of farm food.  Hooray for fall!

CSA Week 16

Hi all!  Sorry we didn’t get a post up for last week’s harvest.  We go into no frills mode over here when both of the wee ones are sick along with Mama.  I think I am on day 11 today, although the days have all melted into one big stuffy mess.  Alex has been farming solo while I nurse the kids and myself back to health.   he managed to come up with a great fall share this wee:

Salad Mix

Spaghetti Squash-Cut these in half and bake face down on an oiled baking sheet at 375 until soft.  Scoop out into a casserole dish, mix with butter(optional) and pour tomato sauce over top. (You all have some frozen from a few weeks ago when we were sneaking those extra pounds of tomatoes into the shares, right?) Top with whatever types of cheese you have around and salt and pepper.  We like to use Mozzarella and Parmesan.  Return to the oven until the dish is bubbly and the cheese starts to brown.   You can also use Pesto in place of tomato sauce for this dish and it is fantastic.


Sugar Pumpkin


Black Radishes

Collard Greens

Japanese Eggplant

Broccoli-  Making a return appearance with the maturing of the fall planting.  We are always proud when we can get this final planting of broccoli to produce before the end of CSA season.

We have had a really wonderful growing season this year in our new fields along the Deerfield River Valley.  We have so much bounty this fall that we have decided to do a simple Winter CSA box.  Please follow the link to learn more.  Very simply put, we are charging $75 for 50 lbs of organic winter storage crops.  All will store well in your own kitchen, pantry, refrigerator or basement root cellar.  I know some of you may have stock piles you have been starting from your summer shares with us so if you don’t need anything don’t worry!  If you could, please help us spread the word and send friends to our website if they are interested in a storage crop share for the winter, we’d really appreciate it!

Wish us luck getting everyone healthy for next week!

CSA Week 14

It’s Friday harvest time! Your shares have the following this week:

Japanese Eggplant

Cubanelle Peppers

Cayenne Peppers- Salsa ?

Tomato array 🙂

Collard Greens -Here is a recipe for stuffed collard greens from the New York times.   I tend to be really bad with following exact ingredients or amounts with recipes.  I think the main idea with this one is to grab some sort of nut, whatever herbs you have around, rice and tomato.  Personally we tend to throw random pieces of cheese into this dish as well!  Don’t forget, if you are not cooking the collards with some sort of meat, use plenty of butter and even a broth to help break down the leaves as it cooks and give them that melt in your mouth taste.  Don’ be afraid to leave them simmering for a long period of time.  Collards are a prehistoric plant dating back to the ancient Celts, Romans and Greeks.  (and probably farther for all we know.) Channel your ancient ancestry and eat some greens!

Swiss Chard

Hakurei Turnips-the first of our fall planting, these are the sweet and tender ones that you can eat raw or roasted.

Red Potatoes- I am making a nice batch of potato salad as we speak.

Basil- this is the end of it I believe.


Summer Squash- Cube and put in your stuffed collard greens.

I am not making any promises about extra stuff not being thrown in your boxes this time of year so look out!   Next Saturday we will be dropping off shares in Worthington and Pittsfield but are taking the week off from attending the market.  If you are a part time Pittsfield member and want to pick up next week please email us so we can set up a drop off point for your produce on Saturday.  Have a great week everyone.