CSA week 17

After a soggy week we were thankful to have a sunny day to harvest!  It’s hard to believe that we only have three more weeks to go for summer CSA.  We hope you are all continuing to enjoy everything.  This week’s shares have the following contents:

Turnips- Purple topped

Black Radish

Broccoli- The fall planting is always so sweet, enjoy this stuff.

Carnival Winter Squash-  This variety is similar in flavor to the Acorn Squash and it also makes a pretty fall decoration.

Red Potatoes

Salad Mix- Don’t be scared if you find blades of grass in your salad mix!  🙂  We do a large scale wash, but always recommend that CSA members invest in a salad spinner to wash with as well.


Sugar Pumpkin- For eating, carving or throwing.  (As demonstrated by two small children at the farm.)

Siberian Kale-  We have been loving the kale fritters!   The Siberian variety works very well in this simple recipe.  Chop and steam 10oz. or so of kale.  I like to either chop it quite fine, or put it into the food processor for a few pulses.  Mix the kale with 4 beaten eggs, 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs (or equivalent if you don’t do gluten), Cumin, salt and pepper.   You can also include finely chopped onions if you like.  Mix everything together and place small balls of mix in a large frying pan in the preheated oil of your choice.  We use a combination of butter and Sunflower Oil for pan frying.   Once they have settled into the oil flatten them with a spatula and flip over when first side is evenly browned.  These are amazing with a nice dipping sauce of tomatoes, sour cream and a touch of chili powder.

Swiss Chard-  You could also use this in the above recipe.

Have fun cooking for the week everyone!  There is something very sweet about the cold crisp days and a warm stove top of farm food.  Hooray for fall!

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