CSA Week 16

Hi all!  Sorry we didn’t get a post up for last week’s harvest.  We go into no frills mode over here when both of the wee ones are sick along with Mama.  I think I am on day 11 today, although the days have all melted into one big stuffy mess.  Alex has been farming solo while I nurse the kids and myself back to health.   he managed to come up with a great fall share this wee:

Salad Mix

Spaghetti Squash-Cut these in half and bake face down on an oiled baking sheet at 375 until soft.  Scoop out into a casserole dish, mix with butter(optional) and pour tomato sauce over top. (You all have some frozen from a few weeks ago when we were sneaking those extra pounds of tomatoes into the shares, right?) Top with whatever types of cheese you have around and salt and pepper.  We like to use Mozzarella and Parmesan.  Return to the oven until the dish is bubbly and the cheese starts to brown.   You can also use Pesto in place of tomato sauce for this dish and it is fantastic.


Sugar Pumpkin


Black Radishes

Collard Greens

Japanese Eggplant

Broccoli-  Making a return appearance with the maturing of the fall planting.  We are always proud when we can get this final planting of broccoli to produce before the end of CSA season.

We have had a really wonderful growing season this year in our new fields along the Deerfield River Valley.  We have so much bounty this fall that we have decided to do a simple Winter CSA box.  Please follow the link to learn more.  Very simply put, we are charging $75 for 50 lbs of organic winter storage crops.  All will store well in your own kitchen, pantry, refrigerator or basement root cellar.  I know some of you may have stock piles you have been starting from your summer shares with us so if you don’t need anything don’t worry!  If you could, please help us spread the word and send friends to our website if they are interested in a storage crop share for the winter, we’d really appreciate it!

Wish us luck getting everyone healthy for next week!

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