CSA Shares Week 8

We are inside from another long day of harvesting.  I also just managed to delete this entire post when it was almost complete. (I pressed the save button and was taken directly to the login page, boo wordpress!)  So here goes the abbreviated re-creation.

This week’s share has the following delights:

Japanese Eggplants- The white ones are the Gretel dwarf variety.  You  don’t even need to skin them.

Anaheim Peppers- A medium heat pepper.

Potatoes- The La Ratte Fingerling this week.  This is an heirloom variety from France that will melt in your mouth.  We are also very impressed with its disease resistance.

Garlic- we had a roasted potato dish that included 4 heads of garlic this week.  We may not smell good but we rarely catch colds!


Summer Squash




Basil – After we seeded all of our basil this spring we received a call from our beloved Fedco Seed Company.  They informed us that there was some Lemon Basil mixed in with our Genovese seed.  You will recognize this in some of your basil bunches as the smaller leaved variety.  This stuff is great with chicken and fish, but not as good for a traditional pesto.

Next week I will include a favorite dish of mine that involves eggplants and summer squash, a torta.  The computer decided to delete it and I am too tired to re type the whole thing.  🙂  We hope everyone had a great week!  Many tomatoes are looming on the horizon…

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