CSA shares Week 2

This week’s produce pickup will have the following delights:

Garlic Scapes– Don’t forget about pureeing these in the food processor with olive oil and your favorite pesto seasoning for a zesty scape pesto.

Kale- Steam it with rice and onion.  Add butter or oil and soy sauce or miso at the end, yum!

Broccoli- So tender and sweet this time of year.  Steam lightly and add to the top of the rice dish above with some cheese. 

Salad Mix


Hakurei Turnips- The Turnip for people who don’t like turnips!  These beautiful white turnips are so light and sweet and crunchy.  We eat them whole on salad.  You can also cook them, but they really are so nice to eat raw in this warm weather. 

Swiss Chard


Lavendar Plant- Don’t over water them.  


Farm Activities

This week on the farm has been as busy one as we madly pulled weeds while we have this dry weather.  The potatoes were hilled again and the early varieties are blossoming.  The mid season crop of beets was planted and the cucumbers in the hoop house are loving the heat.  We have already eaten some of the Adam Gherkin pickling cukes.  Our walk in cooler construction was completed by the talented Alex (not a moment too soon as we filled it today. Image

For those of you who can’t get enough of eating our produce at home (I know some of you just snorted at that), you can get our lovely veggies out in the greater world at the following fine establishments:

The Old Creamery in Cummington

The Blackburn Inn in Worthington

Bread Euphoria in Haydenville

The Dreamaway Lodge in Becket

Enjoy the harvest this week, we have been eating many LARGE salads for dinner! 

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