CSA Shares Week 13- better late than never!

Hi Folks, Sorry I missed the post day this past week.  I hope you are all enjoying the veggies, we wanted to get this up as their were a few items in this past week’s share that were a bit more esoteric than the standard CSA fare.

Tomatoes- lots of the Mariani Romas and Green zebras this week.

Daikon Radish- Those long white ones.  http://www.seriouseats.com/2011/11/in-a-pickle-sweet-pickled-daikon-radish.html this is one recipe for pickled Daikon if you want to try a small batch.  There will be more of these as the fall progresses.


Swiss chard

Collard greens

Summer Squash

Japanese eggplants

Potatoes- some fingerling and some of the bigger “Superior” variety which make great baking potatoes.

Turnips-  try roasting these in butter and apple cider vinegar with some salt and pepper and maple syrup.  let them cook in the oven at 375 for quite some time until they are nice and soft.  This cooking method takes some of the bitterness out of them.

We hope you are well on your way to finishing this week’s basket so you can make room for more on Saturday!

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