CSA Shares Week 12

Holy Harvest!!!!

Today was a long day but we have some great stuff to bring you this week.   Full swing look out!

Tomatoes-  Moskvich, Black Krim, Green Zebra, Indigo Rose and Mariana oh my!

Baby carrots



Summer squash

Japanese Eggplant

Potatoes- Fingerlings this week.

Cayenne Peppers- Don’t forget you can dry these for crushed hot pepper in the winter too.   Cayenne is medicinal as well and can be used for pain and depression.

Swiss Chard


Black Radishes- This is a beautiful heirloom variety of large radish.  These store well in the cooler months, hopefully we can hang onto some until then.

We have a very full walk in cooler and barn tonight and this is translating into bountiful csa shares this week.  I believe we harvested something in the range of 300 lbs of tomatoes the past several days.   A farmer’s work is never done! We hope you enjoy your meals this week.

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