CSA Shares Week 11

Hello sunny Friday!  What a harvest this week, we hope you enjoy everything.

Summer Squash- Flying saucers from the second planting.


Fingerling Potatoes

Carrots- We had to battle the weeds for several rounds, but we have managed to win the war to bring you these delicious rainbow carrots.  This is the best snack around.

Tomatoes- Lots of Romas this week, the Mariana variety.  This might be a good time for some sauce, although these work perfectly well as a sandwich tomato too.  There are also Green Zebras in your shares.  (Hint-these are ripe when soft, they don’t turn red, hence the name.)

Basil – For your tomato sauce perhaps?





Bell Pepper- These are just starting to produce and look great so far.

Enjoy your meals this week!

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