CSA Pickups Begin

Week one of our produce CSA started last Saturday with the following going home with our shareholders:20140619-155953.jpg

Chioggia Beets with greens

Swiss Chard

Siberian Kale


Bunching Onions

Spring Garlic

D’Avignon Radishes

We hope everyone enjoyed these spring delights. As is the case every season, share boxes will vary in size throughout the year. The beginning of the season tends to be on the lighter side and the volume grows throughout the summer and into fall. This coming Saturday we are headed to markets with these delicious items:


Collard Greens


Peas – Predominately Snow peas and a few sugar snap.

Beets with Greens- Detroit Dark Red and Chioggia

Salad Greens- Mostly Red Oakleaf because this is the variety that the deer seem to like the least out of all of the varieties of greens they have desecrated this spring.

Cheriette Radishes

Spring Garlic


We are still busy planting here on the farm. The winter squash, eggplant and pepper are all still waiting in the greenhouse for the next rainy day. Fall seeding is almost finished up for Kale and Collards. The next planting of beets is not looking nearly as nice as the first, so savor those beets and greens while we have them!20140619-160052.jpg

The farm has picked up a third market. We will be driving to the Winthrop Farmer’s Market for eight Sunday markets this summer. Opening day went very well for us. And yes, part of the draw is the beach trip that happens after the market. 🙂

We still have lots of lovely plants growing in the greenhouses too so please think of us if you need to fill any space in your gardens as Spring turns to summer.

These days on the farm we sweat A LOT and work ridiculously long days that
string along for weeks. Our shoulders are tan and sore. The bounty of food for the season is just beginning and it never seems like there is enough even though there always is. Planting is not yet finished and seeding is continual. The jungle of weeds is just barely at bay thanks to constant hand and tractor cultivating. It all seems like an endless whirlwind until suddenly we are at rest again in November. Please, if you can, remember to thank all of your farmers this time of year. We are tired, but still so happy to grow you food.  See you at the markets!





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  1. Please save me some snap peas!! The ones we had last week were incredible. We were eating them as soon as we got home!


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